The Benefits of using our Plant Management Software

The right vehicles and equipment are vital in making your business run smoothly and efficiently. However there is another aspect to consider- how do you keep track of what you have, how it is used and all the projects you are working on? This is where our plant management software can help make sure that you run your business in the right way, reducing a lot of the stress that comes with project management (and also useful if you are looking to sell on any equipment or vehicles).

Register all your plant machinery

This question may sound obvious- how many vehicles have you got? If you have a small farm it may be relatively simple to keep track of one or two vehicles. However if you are working on big agricultural or construction projects this simple question can become tricky, especially if you buy and sell vehicles on. Fortunately with our management software it is relatively simple to register your plant machinery and keep track of it.

Upload and store Certificates and repair history

This is crucial in making sure that all your certification is up to date and that you can show the repair history of your vehicles and equipment (something that could be especially important if you are looking to sell on any vehicles and equipment in future as this is likely to be something that people will ask about!)

Book Repairs

Is your vehicle due for repair? Is there a backup in place? Being able to schedule this can ensure that you do not have to stop work at any point (something that could see you missing out on clients in the future!)

Source Spare Parts

Are you getting the best deal for spare parts? Where do you find them? Having software that can help you source this for yourself could save you money while at the same time ensuring that you are not without vehicles for too long while waiting to order in those spare parts.

Sell your Plant

Are you looking to sell your plant? Our software can make this process a lot easier (likewise we can also transfer your plant to another Totallyplant user).

Totally Plant is a family run business and we care about how businesses are run. This is why we make sure that our Plant Management Software is best suited to running a business as efficiently as possible. Contact us today for more information about how our software is best for your business! 

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