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The problem with the term “used” is that it brings up the mental image of “used car salesman”. The stereotype is of a dodgy spiv with a moustache fiddling with the speedometer and generally charming people into buying something dodgy they don't need. In reality this stereotype is not fair- yes there are unreliable people out there but there are also plenty of people who are looking to sell used plant vehicles and equipment for valid reasons and at Totally Plant these are the only people we deal with!


One reason people are often concerned when buying used items online is the fear that anyone could post an advert. There are indeed examples of people posting misleading photos and items. However on the Totallyplant site we personally vet each and every user and advert on our site, checking to make sure that they fulfil our personal criteria.

The reason we do this is simple- we care about the customers on our site and we want to make sure that they get what they need to improve their business. Used equipment and vehicles offer a range of benefits- for example it allows you to buy top of the line brands that you may not be able to buy new and there is also less depreciation when you purchase a used vehicle if you wish to sell them in the future. It should also be emphasised that the vehicles and equipment are checked and vetted to ensure that they are safe to use and meet health and safety requirements.

Other sites may not necessarily vet as carefully- it may be that they are purely designed to be ad boards and they are not monitored as much. In our case we want to be certain that the people selling items on our site are who they say they are and what they advertise are the items that they are selling. It sounds obvious but it is surprising how many sites do not adhere to this!

Plant life

The biggest reason you can trust Totally Plant with your used plant equipment, vehicles and machinery is because we are a family run business. This means we understand how businesses are run and the considerations people have to make when running a business- In short you can trust us to make sure that what you buy benefits your business!

04 Jan 2015Category : Buying Advice

How do I avoid being scammed when buying plant machinery? Good question with no straight forward answer to protect us all.  The best any of us can do is look out for the signs and never ignore your gut feeling – if something looks too good to be true, it generally is. 

23 Nov 2014Category : Plant Advice

The forklift is a valuable piece of equipment in manufacturing and warehouse operations, the main purpose is to lift and transport materials. The forklift has revolutionised how materials are moved within the work place, efficiently and effectively. The forklift get the