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22 Nov 2021Category : Miscellaneous

What Is A Machine Inspection?

Conducting regular inspections on machinery is vital in ensuring that it is safe and suitable for use. By doing this correctly and regularly, you can prevent unnecessary accidents from occurring. The Occupational Safety and Health Administra

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19 Oct 2021Category : Miscellaneous

PUWER & LOLER Is There A Difference?

A quick way to remember that these regulations are not the same, is to recognise that LOLER ( The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) only applies to lifting equipment whereas PUWER ( The Provision and Use of Work

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02 Jul 2021Category : Miscellaneous

The right vehicles and equipment are vital in making your business run smoothly and efficiently. However there is another aspect to consider- how do you keep track of what you have, how it is used and all the projects you are working on? This is where our plant manageme

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