Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is provide the plant, construction, mining, waste/recycling and agricultural industries with solutions for their machinery and equipment, whether its buying or selling, spare parts or repairs and maintenance we are here to help.

How Does It Work?

Firstly, decide on what service you require, you can then refer to the handy information bar which you will find at the top of each page - this will allow you to visit the section of the site most relevant to your enquiry. If you have any problems locating what you need or you need more information then please give us a call.

Can A Buyer Use The Totallyplant Site For Free And Do You Have To Register?

All buyers can view and enquire about the machinery for sale this is a free service and you do not have to register. Registration is only required for those wishing to use the site for the sale of their equipment.

Who Can Use The Totallyplant Website?

Anyone who is in the business of using, supplying, selling or buying plant, construction, agricultural, mining, waste/recycling equipment, transportation vehicles and equipment, trucks, vans and other vehicles suitable for resale via our website. Whether you are a private seller, dealer, manufacturer or financing company you are welcome to use the site for the purposes as outlined and within the terms as detailed in our terms and conditions.

How Do I Find Out More Information About Machinery I Have Seen For Sale On

Please contact the Seller directly, their details can be found next to the pictures of their machinery. In most cases there will be a landline number, mobile and email option - just choose your preferred method.

What Do I Do If I Can't Find The Construction Equipment I Am Looking For?

On occasions where the construction equipment you are looking for is not listed, it may still be worth contacting a Dealer who either specialises in the brand of equipment you are looking for or who is selling something similar to your specifications - it may be that they are getting further stock or they know where you can acquire it.

I Am Worried A Seller On Your Site Might Be Acting Fraudulently, What Should I Do?

If you suspect any of the Sellers on our site are not all they seem to be please notify us and we will make further enquiries and if necessary notify the appropriate authorities. In these circumstances please do not contact the Seller and most importantly do not give them any money.

A Seller On Your Site Is Asking Me To Pay Shipping Costs Up Front, What Should I Do?

If you have never had dealings with this Seller before we suggest you proceed with caution - in the past this technique has been used by criminals to defraud Buyer's. The Seller will ask for the shipping fee, in some cases they will provide forged documents to confirm shipping details and then ask for a bank transfer of the shipping amount. The Seller then takes your money and no machinery ever materialises. Please proceed with caution in these circumstances - if possible, have someone you know and trust with the machinery at the place of shipping or transport to ensure that it is indeed on its way to you and most importantly that the machinery in question exists.

Will Ltd Be Involved In The Transaction?

Please be advised that Ltd does not take any involvement between the Buyer and Seller in any transaction nor can we guarantee the authenticity of a any users, customers, buyers, sellers or new or used equipment.

We Are Worried Who To Trust, Can Recommend Any Companies To Us?

Whilst we make every effort to ensure the users on our site are genuine, it is company policy not to give any guarantees or recommendations for any company, user or new or used plant machinery which appears on our site. You must make your own enquiries and use common sense with undertaking any business dealings. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details.

I Would Like To Place A Banner Advertisement On, Who Do I Contact?

Please contact us directly, one of our friendly and professional staff will be able to discuss this further with you

How Much Will It Cost To Place A Banner Advertisement On The Website?

Please contact us directly to discuss our pricing structures

My Account Log In Details Are Not Working, What Should I Do?

Please check you are using the correct log in details, if you have forgotten your password you can select the reminder option on the log in screen. If you are still having problems then please contact our Technical Team for further assistance on 0209 993 7003.

I Am Having Trouble Uploading My Photos - What Am I Doing Wrong?

Most commonly if you are having problems uploading a photo it will be because the file is too large, in the first instance reduce the size of your pictures and try again the maximum size for file uploads is 8MB. If you are still having issues then please check the picture format you are trying to upload is compatible with our systems, the site will accept files in the following format GIF, JPG, JPEG, or PNG - if you are unsure then please contact our Technical Team for more assistance.

I Am Having Problems Uploading Video To My Account?

At present the website will accept links from video hosted on You Tube and Vimeo if you use another provider for your hosting then please contact us. If you have any other issues then please contact us.

The Make Of My Plant Machinery Is Not Listed In Your Categories, What Should I Do?

You can either select Other when selecting the make or you can give us a call and we'll add the make to our listings

I Am Having Problems With My Account?

Please contact our Technical Team who are always on hand to assist

My Advertisement Has Not Been Published On Your Site?

Our systems continually monitor new content, if you advertisement has not appeared it could be that the systems have detected content which has been deemed unsuitable and/or in breach with our terms and conditions. If you feel that your advertisements has been unreasonably rejected then please contact us

I Have Been Denied The Right To Advertise On The Site, Why Is This?

Our systems monitor new customers to the site in order to control fraudulent activity. When you set up your account our Monitoring Team will make certain checks in order to verify the identity of you, your company and also the machinery being sold. It will also make a check on the payment method used, if the card you are using is in a different name to the Seller or company for whom the account has been set up, this will immediately alert our systems to the possibility of fraudulent activity. If you feel your account has been unreasonably rejected or placed on hold then please contact us

I Want To Use My Mascus Link, How Can I Access This?

You need to contact Mascus directly and they will supply you with the XML Link which updates their site with yours. Once you receive this you can simply paste it into the section of your account which allows you to insert the Mascus Link. If you have further queries then please give us a call and we can talk you through this.

Do You Carry Out Servicing, Repair And Certification Work Throughout The Whole Of The Uk And Ireland?

Unfortunately not, at this time our Engineers are only servicing the South of England but do travel up towards the Midlands for some Customers. The best thing to do is give us a call and we can discuss your requirements further with you.

Are Discounts Given On The Hpv Vistarini Hammer Range For Large Orders?

We do offer scaled price plans on our HPV Range for large orders - please contact us and we can discuss this further with you.

Do You Provide Warranties With Your Hpv Vistarini Range?

All new hammers will come with one year's warranty and we have fully trained staff who can carry out any warranty checks for you as well as repairs, reconditioning and general advice.

Do You Provide Servicing Contracts And What Is The Price For This Service?

We do provide servicing contracts, the price for this service will be dependent upon the size of your fleet, the location of the machinery and other factors. Please give us a call to discuss this further.

What Do I Do If The Parts I Have Purchased Via The Website Are Unsuitable Or Faulty?

If you have purchased your parts directly from Totallyplant then contact us and we can make the appropriate arrangements. If you have purchased parts from a Seller or Dealer on our site via the advertising platform then you must contact them directly as Totallyplant will be unable to assist with transactions conducted between you and other parties.