Hydraulic HPV Vistarini Hammers

HPV Vistarini offer a line of hydraulic hammers which includes two series, one covering the mini-midi range and a second of medium-heavy hammers for the larger sized excavators.

hydraulic vistarini hammers

The construction of the HPV hammer is based on an energy recovery system with only two moving parts governing the operation, making the HPV hammer a reliable yet simple accessory . In addition to this the hammers are equipped with a system which regulates the frequency of the piston stroke which assists in avoiding empty blows, while the efficiency is optimised by self regulation of the oil flow which is independent from the oil flow rate of the excavator.

Ranges Available Include :

VH Series

The range includes hydraulic hammers from 60 to 250kg usable on machines from 0.5 to 6 Tonnes. Integrated with BS system which eliminates problems of sudden emptying.

VHX Series

The range includes hydraulic hammers from 60 to 400kg usable on machines from 0.5 to 9 tonnes. The VHX331 and VHX400 are equipped with an exclusive high flow system.

HBS Series

Silenced range includes hydraulic hammers from 50 to 300kg usable on machines from 0.5 to 8 tonnes. The HBS is also available with X plate.

VHX TR Series

The new series includes hammers from 230 to 420 kg and has been developed to solve transportation problems with the addition of a new adapter.

Larger Requirements

HPV Vistarini can provide Hydraulic Hammers from 0.5 tonnes up to 40 tonnes. If your requirements are not fulfilled by those above then please give us a call to discuss our product range further.


With continual focus on ever changing technology the HPV range has been designed to guarantee the highest yield together with the guarantee to its customers of:

  • A universal range of use
  • Long Life
  • High Performance
  • Superior Reliability
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Protection for the Carrying Machine

Numerous sophisticated elements have been tested within the field, the results of which have given the HPV Vistarini hammer a superior quality as demonstrated in the following diagram :

A (not show on diagram) - Counter pressure values The breaker is designed to be able to work with very high counter pressure values. The demolition performances are not influenced up to counter pressure values of 27 kg/cm2

B - Compact Dimensions The bracket conformation has been specifically designed so that the machine is particularly slim and tapered. Moreover, the hoses do not protrude from the profile of the breaker.

C - No Membranes The particular energy recuperation system, combined with the nitrogen gas cycle system, has made it possible to eliminate the traditional rubber membrane, often the cause of machine breakdowns.

D - Extended Pistons The extended design of the piston guarantees excellent transfer of the breaking wave for the whole duration of the demolition cycle.

E - Simple Maintenance

F - Energy Recuperation The nitrogen in the chamber of the breakers upper head is compressed when the piston moves upwards. In this way the energy accumulated by the gas is efficiently converted into blow energy as the piston descends. The result is an exceptional breaking capacity which also contributes effectively by acting as an inner shock absorber considerably reducing the vibrations transmitted to the excavator arm.

G - Noise Reduction A silencing system has been used to reduce the machines noise level. Sound proof chambers have been created inside the breaker and special buffers outside deaden the resonances produced by the bracket.

H - Dampening Recoil for the safety of the operator and the machine obtained by the long piston stroke

I (not show on diagram) - Long duration of the external structure Guaranteed by the raw materials that resist wear and tear in the points subject to the most intense stresses

L - Long Life of the Bushings Wear The Vistarini system provides effective protection against dust.

M - Reliable Tools High level performances and reliability obtained as a result of accurate scaling, the quality of the steel used and the thermal treatments carried out.

N - Easy to Extract the Pin The tool locking pin is easy to extract without having to use any special tools.

The pressure cap seal show in this diagram makes it easy to load the gas without dismantling the pipes.

(diagram shown is from the VH range)

VH Range Hydraulic Vistarini Hammer

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